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  1. Want to survive the zombie apocalypse? Here are the best cities to visit

    Zombie apocalypse, survive with hunting knives and air rifles Boston, Massachusetts. Home of the Red Sox, Mark Wahlberg, and the setting for Fallout 4! But did you also know it is the best city to head to if/when the zombie apocalypse hits? CareerBuilder and EMSI, who are a company that creates economic models have revealed the “Zombie Apocalypse Index”, which is a ranking of which of the 53 largest cities in the United States that would be most likely to survive when the you-know-what hits the fan! Continue reading →
  2. Ever wondered how many iPhones it takes to stop an AK bullet?

    How many iPhones does it take to stop an AK 74 bullet? – Surplus Store There are often stories of strategically placed books or documents stopping bullets, but how about iPhones? Well one man has taken it upon himself to find out just how many iPhones it takes to stop a bullet fired from an AK 74. It is common sense to know that one iPhone will not stop a direct hit when fired from an AK 74, so YouTuber EverythingApplePro decided to line up a number of different models of the phone, and then fire a bullet at them. Continue reading →
  3. Hannibal actor’s love of knives

    Hannibal actor’s love of knives
    Mads Mikkelsen Actor Hannibal Lecter NBC Drama Series | TV Fans Knives Lock Buck Folding Throwing Collectible | Surplus Store Online Airsoft BB Gun & Knife Shop The star of Hannibal has revealed how he’s come to like ‘big, dramatic’ knives – thanks to his fans. Mads Mikkelsen plays the titular character in Hannibal, an NBC drama series based on the novels and films about infamous cannibal Hannibal Lecter. The role has earned him a large army of followers, who have managed to get him interested in knives. Continue reading →
  4. Six times where knives have saved lives

    127 Hours Knife Knives Survival Life Saver Lifesaving James Franco | Buck Knife Gerber Sheath Survival | Surplus Store Paintball Gun BB Airgun Airsoft Weapons Crawley Online Retailer Shop Store UKMost people have heard the story behind the film 127 Hours, where a man’s life is saved by a knife – but when else has a knife saved a life? 127 Hours is the 2010 film all about an incident which occurred in 2003, when Aron Ralston got stuck in a canyon in Utah while canyoning. With his arm stuck between a boulder and the canyon wall, Aron spent 127 hours stuck fast before he decided to cut off his arm using a survival knife, allowing him to escape and find medical help. While this story is well know there are plenty more which aren’t so celebrated. Here are a selection from the last few years in America: Continue reading →
  5. Online first person shooter players using knives instead of guns

    Call Of Duty Resident Evil Battlefield Halo Modern Warfare Assassin’s Creed First person Shooter Shooting Game PlayStation Xbox Games Consoles Gaming Gamer | Knives Knife Survival Bowie Buck Sheathed Folding Utility Swiss Army Koch Wood Buy Online Airsoft | Surplus Store Online Retailer Airsoft BB Air Guns & More In PlayStation and Xbox games like Resident Evil, Call of Duty and Halo players can choose any number of guns to use – revolvers, assault rifles and automatic machine guns – but many players are ignoring those weapons as part of an attempt to make the games more challenging. Play Call of Duty online these days and you’re extremely likely to see people running around armed only with a survival knife – attempting to creep up on other players and stab them rather than shooting them from afar. The idea is that doing so is far more difficult than simply making a shot from a distance, meaning players’ skills are tested to a greater extent. Continue reading →

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