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  1. Does Airsoft Hurt? How to Reduce BB Pain and Impact

    Does Airsoft Hurt? How to Reduce BB Pain and Impact
    Like with any game that features some kind of weapon, many worry that playing airsoft can be painful. How painful is airsoft in reality, and how can you reduce pain and impact from BBs?
  2. Best Upcoming Shooter Video Games for 2019

    Video game controller Unsurprisingly, the video game industry is continuing to grow at breakneck speeds and shows no sign of slowing down. Last year, it was expected that a total of 2.3 billion gamers worldwide would reach into their pockets and spend approximately $137 billion on games. Perhaps slightly more surprising was that, of those revenues, 50% was expected to come from mobile platforms – this includes smartphones and tablets. With more money, more media coverage and more technology than ever before, we can expect 2019 to be a blockbuster year for video games in terms of size, scale and visual advancements. Naturally, being airsofters, we’ve got an especially keen eye on the upcoming shooting games due to grace our screens; because if we’re not madly running around the battlefield with our airsoft rifles, we’re doing it in a video game! So, whether you’ll be teaming up with your airsoft pals or competing for bragging rights, here are some of our top shooter games due for release this year. Continue reading →
  3. Sonic the Hedgehog’s Original Backstory Took Place in WWII

    The original logo and menu screen from Sonic the Hedgehog. [CC by BagoGames (Sonic the Hedgehog game menu screen)] Sonic the Hedgehog is probably one of the most iconic video game characters to have ever existed. The spikey, blue, anthropomorphic hedgehog has been the mascot of Sega since 1991 and is known for his exploits against the evil Dr Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik. But his backstory was almost very different, according to game designer Hirokazu Yasuhara and character designer Naoto Oshima. Continue reading →
  4. Zero Latency shows the future of virtual reality gaming

    Zero Latency shows future of gaming, using handsets similar to airsoft rifles UK Zero Latency is a new virtual reality form of gaming which is being launched in Melbourne, Australia, and offers full motion to the players, meaning they must walk, turn and shoot using their entire body. A player gets hooked up with a headset, headphones, backpack and rifle, which are all equipped with motion sensors. These sensors are then picked up by a range of cameras located throughout a 450 metre square warehouse, which is transformed in front of the shooters eyes. Continue reading →

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