If you’re new to the world of airsoft, or you’re an experienced player looking to add to your existing arsenal, you may have heard the term ‘hi-capa’ thrown around. But what does it mean?

In our guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about hi-capa, the different types of hi-capas, and the best products on the market today.

What Does Hi-capa Mean in Airsoft?

Hi-capa stands for ‘high capacity’ magazines in airsoft. This means that hi-capa airsoft pistols can hold a significant number of BBs compared to standard airsoft pistols, normally around 30 rounds. 

High capacity magazines give players an advantage in skirmishes, reducing the need for frequent reloads and allowing for extended periods of play. Hi-capa pistols are also known for their accuracy and consistency and come in a range of styles and designs. 

Whether you prefer a flashy and attention-grabbing appearance or a sleek and tactical look, our hi-capa range features a wide canvas of choice to express your personality. 

Is Hi-capa a Real Gun?

No, our hi-capas are not real firearms. They are a type of airsoft gun modelled after the real steel 1911 pistols that were used by the US Military during multiple world wars. Hi-capas are designed especially for airsoft games. 

Hi-capa pistols are built to mimic the look and feel of real firearms, they shoot 6mm plastic BBs and are powered by gas or CO2, making them suitable for skirmishes.

Two black airsoft pistols

Can You Run Co2 Through a Hi-capa?

Yes, you can run CO2 through a hi-capa airsoft pistol, but it’s important to ensure that the pistol is specifically designed or modified to handle CO2. Hi-capa pistols are typically gas-powered, often using green gas or propane, but there are many models compatible with CO2. It’s always best to check with the manufacturer or supplier if you’re unsure. 

Are All Hi-capa Mags the Same?

Not all hi-capa magazines are the same. While they share some characteristics, such as being designed for hi-capa pistols and typically holding a higher capacity of BBs, there are several variations to consider:

- Gas Type: Hi-capa magazines are designed for different types of propellant gases, such as green gas, propane, or CO2. It’s crucial to use the correct type of magazine for the gas your pistol is designed to handle. 

- Capacity: Hi-capa magazines can vary in capacity. Standard hi-capa magazines typically hold around 25-35 BBs, but there are extended magazines available that can hold significantly more, sometimes up to 50 BBs. 

- Build Quality and Materials: Magazines can differ in terms of the materials used and overall build quality. Higher-end magazines may use better materials and more precise manufacturing processes, resulting in better performance and durability.

- Compatibility: While most hi-capa magazines are designed to fit standard hi-capa models, there can be slight variations between different brands and models. Some magazines might fit certain hi-capa pistols better than others. It’s always a good idea to check compatibility with your specific model and the manufacturer.

- Features: Some magazines come with additional features, such as reinforced feed lips, upgraded valves, or improved gas efficiency. The enhancements can offer better performance and reliability, especially in competitive play.

When you come to select your hi-capa magazine, ensure it matches your specific needs and is compatible with your pistol. If you need further guidance or help, contact our friendly team today. We have a depth of knowledge and expertise to help guide you through your airsoft journey. 

An airsoft pistol on camo fabric

Different Types of Hi-capas Available

There are several different hi-capa airsoft pistols available, each offering unique features and advantages. We’ve picked out some of our favourites:

1. Armorer Works HX1104 6mm Gas Blow Back Pistol Two Tone GBB

The Armorer Works HX1104 Hi-Capa is a standout airsoft pistol known for its distinctive design and reliable performance. With a full metal slide and frame, it offers durability and a realistic feel. Equipped with an extended magazine well for faster reloads and a textured grip for better control during intense skirmishes. 

Powered by gas, the HX1104 delivers consistent performance with strong blowback action and is compatible with standard hi-capa magazines. 

Armorer works hx1104
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2. Vorsk CS Vengeance Hi-Capa V-Blue Match Pistol

The Vorsk CS Vengeance Hi-capa V Blue Match is an exceptional airsoft pistol designed for both performance and style. Featuring a striking blue finish, the gas-powered blowback pistol is built with high-quality materials for durability and reliability that come in handy during airsoft battles. 

Key features include a finely tuned internal system for enhanced accuracy and shooting consistency, and an adjustable hop-up system for precision control over BB trajectory.

This hi-capa pistol is also highly customisable and compatible with a wide range of parts and accessories. 

Vorsk CS Vengeance hi-capa pistol

3. Jag Precision x Taran Tactical International Combat Master - R601-3

The Jag Precision x Taran Tactical International Combat Master is a top-tier hi-capa pistol, known for its blend of performance and sleek design. Key features include a finely tuned hop-up system for precise shooting and an ergonomic, textured grip for comfortable handling. 

The magazine holds up to 31 rounds, offering ample capacity for extended gameplay. 

Jag Precision x Taran Tactical International Pistol

4. EMG TTI JW3 Sand Viper Pistol

Another high-performance hi-capa pistol is the EMG TTI JW3 Sand Viper, celebrated for its precision and stylish design. Featuring an aluminium slide and frame, it offers durability and a lightweight feel.  

With a textured grip, adjustable rear sight, and fibre optic front sight, the Sand Viper ensures excellent handling and quick target acquisition. It also includes a threaded barrel for muzzle devices and a rail for tactical accessories, enhancing its versatility for various gameplay scenarios. 

EMG TTI JW3 Sand Viper Pistol

Advantages of Hi-capa Pistols

Hi-capa pistols offer several advantages that make them favoured by many airsoft and practical shooting enthusiasts:


Hi-capa pistols have a wide range of aftermarket parts available, allowing users to customise almost every aspect of their gun, from the slide and frame to the trigger and barrel. This customisation appeals to those who enjoy personalising their firearms to suit their preferences and play style. 

High Magazine Capacity

Hi-capa pistols typically have double-stack magazines, which allow for higher ammunition capacity compared to single-stack designs. This means fewer reloads during skirmishes or competitions, providing a competitive edge!

Gas Efficiency 

Many hi-capa models are designed to use green gas or CO2, which provides consistent performance even in varying weather conditions. Crucial for players who need their sidearm to perform consistently and reliably throughout a game.

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Recoil Management

The design of hi-capa pistols often incorporates features like a larger frame, which can help mitigate recoil and improve shot-to-shot accuracy, especially during rapid-fire situations. 

Satisfying Shooting Experience

The combination of a crisp trigger pull, realistic blowback action, and customisable features makes shooting a hi-capa pistol an enjoyable experience for many enthusiasts, enhancing the overall enjoyment of airsoft!

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