Hatsan air rifle available at Surplus Store

If you are in the market for buying a new air gun, you typically check out any good new arrivals on the market and also check out what your favourite brands are currently offering. At Surplus Store, we have hundreds of air rifles available, and you are sure to find one you like. In this blog post, we have taken a closer look at some of the top air rifle brands you can choose from, which are also some of the most popular for hunters, target shooters or those who enjoy just enjoy firing off rounds in the back garden.


Hatsan air rifles consistently out-perform other brands that you can get in a similar price range, which has made them very popular. The Turkish brand is family owned and operated, and the founder is still very much involved with the Hatsan air rifle design and development. This hands-on approach can be felt within the products themselves.

Hatsan air rifle available at Surplus Store

While other manufacturers work from widely used templates, all Hatsan designs are conceived in-house, which means that your Hatsan air rifle is an original, not a reproduction. The rifles offer some special features that come standard to provide shooters with a better experience. Some of these features include the Quattro Trigger, an advanced two-stage match trigger which you can only find with this brand, and the shock absorber system which reduces vibration and also increases the life of the gun.


German brand Weihrauch aims to deliver perfection and innovation with their air rifles and other sporting arms, and they do just that. Weihrauch air rifles are known for being solidly built and used by top competitor shooters. They also have a consumer line which is great for extremely accurate backyard shooting and pest control.

Weihrauch air rifle available from Surplus Store

Wiehrauch use tried and tested materials for construction on all components of the air guns, and use highly modern production machinery to ensure the best air rifles and guns are produced. From this German brand, you know you are getting a quality gun from the moment you hold it. These are a fantastic brand worth splashing out on.


If you want to go British with your air guns and also have some deep pockets, then Daystate is the brand to go for. Producing some of the finest and most powerful guns in the world, Daystate is the brand that pioneered the modern precharged pneumatic airgun over 30 years ago. They are still considered to be the market leader in design and innovation for air rifles in the UK.

Daystate air rifles available from Surplus Store

Daystate has built their reputation as a top brand on producing world-beating guns for all types of shooters, which have been made with care, dedication and commitment to excellence from design conception to the finished result. The British brand also produces limited editions which look as stunning as they are to handle and shoot.


Founded by the Silcock brothers in Birmingham in 1989, the Brocock brand has evolved and consistently creates high-quality, lightweight hunting PCP air rifles, carbines and pistols worldwide. In 2014 Brocock was purchased by Dianna Group, owners of Italian gun makers Marocchi & Breda who have been making guns since 1922, and also own Daystate, allowing Brocock to share information and develop systems, improving the quality and reliability of their air guns.

Brocock air rifles available at Surplus Store

Now based in Staffordshire, Brocock continues to produce quality and lightweight hunting air rifles, carbines and pistols, which are manufactured using state-of-the-art precision engineering technology, coupled with the traditional skills and experience of a team of time-served gunsmiths. The result is an attractive range of guns that are a delight to shoot.


Formed in 1861 as The Birmingham Small Arms Company LTD, BSA is one of the longest established British brands of air rifle manufacturers. BSA has a rich history and tradition, producing some of the best air rifles in the world. They have worked through both World Wars, producing thousands of rifles and machine guns, and continue to innovate with their designs and production today.

BSA air rifles available at Surplus Store

The BSA family has a worldwide reputation for quality, service and design, which can be instantly recognised in the emblem of their craft, the three crossed rifles. BSA also sets itself apart from the rest by being the only volume manufacturer of air rifles that use Cold Hammer Forged barrels, which are usually reserved for use in high grade and military firearms. The techniques they use in production has meant the accuracy of their air rifles is practically unrivalled.

Air Arms

Surplus Store is an Air Arms Authorised service centre, and we definitely think the air rifles they produce are a top brand to check out. With Air Arms, their product superiority comes from a commitment to excellence. That commitment starts with their production technology and is applied to everything because of the highly skilled staff. Air Arms carry out detailed research, design, development and production and they stick to a philosophy of ‘only the finest.’

Air Arms air rifles available at Surplus Store

Air Arms story began in 1983, as the founders could not find an airgun they could properly hi-tech. In 1988, the decision was made to produce a pre-charged pneumatic rifle, and with that success, the company made more, investing in Computer Numerically Controlled production machinery. Today, the company produces sporting air rifles that set the hunting standard, and competition rifles win world championships.

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