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Air Rifle

  1. BuzzFeed attempt to re-enact ‘John Wick’ viral training video

    Keanu Reeves training for John Wick: Chapter 2 You may remember around this time last year; a video went viral showing the ageless Keanu Reeves in training for his role in John Wick: Chapter 2. The video showed Keanu on the gun range, nailing some pretty impressive shots with three different weapons. Continue reading →
  2. Choosing the right air gun

     Co2 air gun Investing in the right air gun is what can help you fall in love with the sport of air gunning. You can be forgiven for thinking there are only two types; spring piston or precharged pneumatic, as the argument of which of these two is better tends to overshadow the other types. These two are the most popular with many air gunners, but we are here to shed light on the other types too. Continue reading →
  3. Top tips for maintaining your air rifle

    cleaning your Daystate air rifle When you invest in an air rifle, you will also want it to last. Keeping your air rifle in a good condition is the way to do it, and regular maintenance not only helps with their aesthetic but also with their performance. Continue reading →
  4. Badass British military machines

    army soldiers using rifles British manufacturers have, for many years, designed some of the best and badass kits for the army, making some of the best weaponry and machinery seen in the world. Though the soldier themselves is the best kit, what they carry with them has to be the best of the best. Continue reading →
  5. The high-tech Brocock Compatto and Brocock Bantam

    Brocock Bantam SurplusStore.co.uk has some fantastic new air guns in stock, the Brocock Compatto and Brocock Bantam. These are excellent examples of air rifles at their finest, and are increasingly becoming the go-to choice of airgun enthusiasts across the world. Continue reading →
  6. Marines using drones for target practice in new exercise

    Quad Copter like ones used by U.S. Marines as target practice For a lot of people, drones are like marmite; you either love them or hate them. People have often complained that these drones have invaded their personal space, with Richard Madeley (of Richard and Judy fame) stated he even considering taking down the eye in the sky with an air rifle (we don’t recommend you do this by the way!). But for the military, commercially available drones can pose much more of a threat than they do to Joe Public; one which they have never had to face before. Continue reading →
  7. U.S. Army to produce wireless thermal sights

    Thermal image of visually obscured room Always at the forefront of innovation, the U.S. Army will soon begin to produce wireless thermal weapons sights that connect to a soldier’s helmet display. Continue reading →
  8. Best party trick ever? Man opens beer bottles with an air rifle

    A beer bottle lid being shot off using an air rifle Some rather impressive footage has emerged from China recently, showing arguably one of the best party tricks we’ve ever seen – a man opening beer bottles using an air rifle! Continue reading →
  9. Meet the DartDrone: the drone modified to carry an air gun

    DartDrone in flight, which has been modified to carry an air gun Commercial drones and guns have been combined before, with people kitting out their drones to fire Nerf guns, and even Roman Candle fireworks! But now, a new drone-gun hybrid has been created to be used for good – the DartDrone from a company called Haevic. Continue reading →
  10. Meet the ‘Airzooka’ – the world’s biggest portable air rifle?

    The Airzooka, possibly the world’s largest portable air rifle? The crazy, yet wonderful Bavarian slingshot guy, Joerg Sprave, loves to tinker and build unbelievable creations. This is a guy who turned a coke bottle into an arrow gun and modded a Nerf gun to fire scalpels… Continue reading →