G36 assault rifle ditched by German military Surplus Store

The German military have decided to get rid of the G36 assault rifle, after being a staple part of the army since the 1990’s. Defence minister Ursula von der Leyen has stated that the rifle is being dropped after tests suggest it does not shoot straight when it gets warm!

Heckler & Koch, the company who manufacture the rifle in question, have stated that there is no problems with the rifle, and it performs well under any and all conditions. However, Der Spiegel news magazine have stated that the rifle’s accuracy can deviate by up to six meters at targets 500 meters away under higher temperatures.

This news has not been greatly received by the German military, who have spent over £130 million on 178,000 rifles over the past two decades. The allegations of inaccuracy have been floating around for a while, and it is now being investigated as to just how long the doubts surrounding the practicality of the rifle have been around.

It is unknown as yet whether the model is to be completely removed, or whether once it has undergone modifications, it will be reintroduced back into service.

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Photo courtesy of Sonaz, under Creative Commons.