New video reinforces airsoft safety whilst using cheap airsoft guns (UK) – Surplus Store

Did you know that this July is airsoft safety month? have teamed up with Slovakian YouTube channel BirnyX to release a humorous, yet educational video surrounding the rules of airsoft.

The video starts in a pre-game brief, where one man outlines that important rules that must always be remembered during a game of airsoft. The first discussed is that of wearing correct eye protection, which is unarguably the most important rule to remember.

It then continues to show a number of different outcomes you may experience if you do not abide by these rules, but shown in a light-hearted and comedic way.

The rest of the video continues in the same vein, and covers important areas such as respawns, medics and calling your own hits. All of these areas are then explored as to what happens if the rules are not followed.

It’s a funny, a bit silly, and some of the rules are a little different on the continent but the message is extremely important – airsoft is a sport designed to be enjoyed by all, and can be, as long as all the rules and regulations are followed! If you would like to watch the video for yourself, you can find it here.

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Photo courtesy of Keith Trivett, under Creative Commons