What to take to your first airsoft game

You’ve picked the site, you’ve gathered your team, and you’re almost ready for your first airsoft game. But do you know what you need to take with you?

We’ve made a checklist of the most important things to take with you to your first airsoft game.

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Airsoft Guns

Don’t go getting excited! As cool as airsoft guns are (and they are pretty cool), you don’t need one for your first game. In fact, we’d recommend you hold off buying one until you’re sure that airsoft is the game for you.

When you get to the site you’ll be able to rent an airsoft gun. Now, this one won’t be as flashy as the Umarex Walther Reign Bullpup .177 PCP Air Rifle, but it doesn’t have to be.

For now, focus on playing the game and seeing if it’s for you. After that, why not check out our guide to choosing your first airsoft gun to find the perfect gun to get you started?

Suitable Airsoft Clothes

When we say suitable, we’re not saying you need to splash out on full gear. Those ratty jeans you’ve been thinking of throwing out will do just fine.

Make sure you’re wearing a jumper or top with sleeves to keep yourself covered. While BB bullets aren’t as painful as paintballs, they can still sting if they hit bare skin.

Also, be prepared for a change in the weather (this is the UK, after all). A small rain poncho is perfect for keeping the rain off without hindering your mobility. Plus, if you don’t need to use it, then it’ll fit snugly in your bag or pocket.

Eye Protection for Airsoft

Eye and face protection is crucial to any airsoft game, and you won’t be allowed to play without it. We’d recommend you avoid mesh eye protection because, in the event of a BB pellet shattering, the fragments may be able to get through.

If you don’t have any eye protection of your own, don’t worry. Almost every airsoft site will provide suitable eye or face protection to use as part of your package.

Suitable Footwear for Airsoft

One thing that we’d say is a must for your first game is decent footwear.

A pair of leather or walking boots should do the trick quite nicely. You want something robust that can handle slightly rough terrain without spoiling, but not something you’re scared to get dirty.

It’s also worth finding a pair that has good ankle support as you’ll be doing a lot of running over uneven terrain.

If you’re not ready to commit to buying a pair of suitable shoes, try asking friends and family if they’ve got a pair you can borrow. Just make sure you clean them off before you give them back. If the weather does take a turn, they’re going to get muddy!

Walking boots on a tile floor

A Water Bottle

This is kind of a given, but it bears mentioning. When you’re doing any sort of activity, you’re going to get dehydrated. Running around trying to shoot your friends in airsoft is no exception.

Bring a water bottle that’s big enough to hold a decent amount of liquid without it being too cumbersome to carry.

When you reach the site, there may be a place that you can buy yourself a bottle of water in case you forget, but it’s better to play it safe.

A water bottle on rocky terrain

Spare Money

It’s always a good idea to bring a little money with you. And no, we don’t mean in case you’re taken hostage and need to bribe your way out.

As we’ve said, there’ll likely be a place on-site that you can buy yourself some water, but that’s not all. Most sites will have a place where you can buy food or snacks, even if that place is just a vending machine.

Also, if you decide after your first match that airsoft is for you, then it may be worth investing in some proper equipment.

While there’re plenty of other things that can be useful when you’re out in the field, they’re not something first-timers need to think about yet.

All you need to worry about for your first game is having fun!

If you’re feeling inspired, why not check out our guide on the essentials for an airsoft backpack?