Christmas presents

With Christmas less than a month away, people are starting to scramble for presents for their loved ones, which can cause undue stress and ultimately waste money. We’ve all either given or received an unwanted gift, and it can be crushing for both parties, so to give you a helping hand and provide some inspiration for this year, we’ve put together a list of top-notch stocking fillers that will bring nothing but smiles – and earn a few brownie points in the process!


Targets can be the perfect low budget stocking filler for airsofters. Unfortunately, we can’t always be on the battlefield, so these will satisfy the withdrawal symptoms and allow your airsoft loving friends and family to let off a few rounds in a safe environment. The Bisley targets we have in stock come in three different designs which are crow/rat animal designs, coloured rings and the ten-zone design. Bear in mind that these are air rifle targets so may be a bit too thick for the lower powered Airsoft Guns.


For most airsofters, the passion doesn’t just stop when you step off the field, and very rarely a moment goes by where we’re not thinking about our most recent skirmish, or the next one. Airsoft videos such as reviews, tips and POV battles, and military and airsoft podcasts are useful for passing the time between trips to the battlefield, so make sure substandard headphones don't ruin the listening experience. There are so many great sets on the market that you’ll have no trouble choosing a great sounding pair.

Battlefield/Call of Duty

Both video game franchises have seen new instalments drop this year and both are fantastic for very different reasons. Battlefield’s mammoth multiplayer experience has been improved even further in this year’s edition with the game’s backdrop focusing on full-scale combat inspired by World War II. Call of Duty’s Black Ops IIII has branched out into new territory for the franchise with the Blackout battle royale mode which offers a slightly more ‘arcadey’ experience which has been very well received. Either of these will make a fantastic stocking filler and will provide hours of entertainment for the recipient. If they’re after something a little more tactical also check out Rainbow 6 Seige.


Buying presents for airsofters can be tricky, as we’re all very picky about what we like and don’t like, plus there are so many variables and specifics that it becomes nearly impossible to get the right gifts. However, one thing that we always need is ammunition. Getting a bag/bottle of BBs in a stocking will guarantee a smile from any airsofter, almost like you’re speaking our language. We’d recommend checking out our selection of ASG Devil Blaster BBs, they’re well priced and a great place to start. If it’s a surprise, try and have a look through their kit bag on the sly, it’s worth getting the right weight BBs!

Foam Dart Guns

Ever been tempted to get out on the battlefield yourself, but didn’t fancy getting the inevitable bruises that come with being hit by a BB from an airsoft rifle? Then why not get you and your airsoft-mad loved one a pair of foam dart guns! There are a whole range of these on the market and will provide hours of entertainment without leaving you in any pain!


With the weather getting colder, getting hit with a BB is likely to sting a little more than usual! Gloves provide the perfect protection for hands and fingers, both from the elements and from incoming BBs, and having a good solid pair is vital. We’ve got a great selection of gloves available that offer ideal protection to keep your hands and fingers in top shape!

Mods and Upgrades

For the more adventurous present-buyer, or if you’ve been given very strict instruction, then picking up a new mod or upgrade for your loved ones’ weapons will earn you serious brownie points! These can come in all shapes and sizes so we’d recommend checking that you’re certain of what you’re buying before making the purchase. Top tip: try subtly dropping the Black Owl Gear reflex red dot sight into the conversation and see whether their ears perk up in excitement – they won’t suspect a thing!

Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration of either what to ask for, or what to get your nearest and dearest airsofters for Christmas. If you’re unsure of what to get and you want to keep the surprise to the big day, get in touch with us on the phone and we’ll be more than happy to help!