Christmas is once again on its way! It doesn’t matter if you find yourself unorganised and scrambling to find some thoughtful gifts, or if you’re not even into airsoft at all, this life-saving post will provide you with some great ideas for those who live and breathe the airsoft lifestyle.

You can almost think of this as a cheat sheet, we can promise you’ll be bringing home the brownie points as they unwrap their gift! As far as you’re concerned, you won’t even need to know anything about airsoft. That’s why we’re here!

We’ll be filling you in on all the best stocking fillers. You can have a quick sneak peek of our range of metal BB guns in the UK to get yourself started on your Christmas present hunt, or maybe you might be more interested in our available clothing!

Here it is, the list you’ve been waiting for. We’ve compiled some nifty little tips and tricks to avoid that dreaded disappointment. Not to mention, some great ideas we know they’ll want but won’t buy for themselves!

Mods and Upgrades

Just remember, just because they love airsoft, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get them a gun. Unless you know it’s one they’ve been dying for, sometimes it’s best to leave that to them.

If you’re feeling adventurous, or you’re under strict instruction, then you can always purchase a new mod or upgrade for your nearest and dearest. They are available in all shapes and sizes so be wary if you’re not sure what to look for, it might not be the best idea.

We recommend checking that you’re certain of what you’re looking for before buying. We’re sure they would love to talk about their collection with you if you show some interest, you can always come back to us, and we’ll happily take the time to help you find the perfect addition.

Gun Case

If we’re being brutally honest, we all secretly really want a hard case for our guns. A heavy-duty case is a luxury that we can’t bring ourselves to splurge on. There’s nothing nicer than clicking one open to reveal our pride and joy.

If you decide to commit to the case, avoid a cheap one, they can be found to be flimsy. We recommend choosing between pluck foam and cut foam. You can check out Pelicase, they’re up there in price but worth it when it comes to design.

If Pelicase is out of your preferred price range, you can have a browse through our great selection of Nurprol cases. Nurprol cases will protect the model from dust and water, they’re great value for money with higher-end features.

A Nurprol Chronograph


Chronographs are again, what an airsofter really wants but won’t bring themselves to buy one.

A Chronograph is a tool that you shoot into, and it will tell the speed your airsoft gun is shooting at, which is pretty cool! It’s useful for helping them, as players, to stay within the site limits.

When considering one of these as a gift, it’s advisable to ensure they don’t already own one and to know what you’re looking for. Because there are a few chronographs our there, make sure to buy an airsoft-compatible one, in comparison to a firearm or bow chronograph.

You can check out some of our chronographs, such as our Nuprol Chronograph on our online store.


The next best thing to being out on the field having an airsoft skirmish is to watch airsoft videos about the latest reviews, tips and tricks, not to mention POV battles, military and of course airsoft podcasts.

There are great sets on the market that are available at great prices too, but that doesn’t mean you should go for the cheapest option. Make sure you get some great quality ones to amplify the listeners' experience.

Someone playing a games console

Call of Duty/Battlefield

This gift idea goes hand in hand with a great pair of headphones. It will also save those living the airsofter the pain of having to hear the cries from the battlefield.

Both video games are notoriously popular! Battlefield has an incredible multiplayer experience that has been recently updated and constantly under improvement, as it’s fully focused and inspired by World War II.

Call of Duty’s Black Ops Cold War was released in November 2020, which makes it a perfect gift to get as a Christmas present. It’s not your typical Call of Duty campaign. You get to create your character and follow a campaign to pursue a Soviet spy. The campaign is based in the 1980s and follows CIA officer Russel Adler.

A collection of screwdrivers

Tool Kits

If airsofters aren’t using their weapons, they’ll want to be tinkering with them. You can always invest in some good quality tools for them to have a play with. A great range of Allen keys, some screwdrivers maybe even some lubricants, oils and degreasers will go a long way!


A perfect low budget solution that allows them to practice and perfect their skills on the field. You can check out our range of Bisley targets to help satisfy their withdrawal symptoms.

The target will help to keep them in shape while they practice shooting a few rounds in a safe environment. It’s worth noting that our Bisley targets are for air rifles so they may be a bit too thin for airsoft guns.


Why not keep it simple and help them stock up on a crucial part of their kit? Grabbing a bag or bottle of BBs to stuff in their stockings will never be a bad idea.

You can check out our great range of BBs; if you find yourself a little unsure of what to look for have a little sneak peek at their kit and chat to us, we’ll point you in the right direction.

A man wearing gloves, aiming his airsoft gun


A simple but thoughtful idea as the colder season commences. The drop in temperature is likely to leave a hit from a BB stinging a bit more than usual.

Gloves are easily undermined but incredibly effective, so we recommend purchasing a pair to protect their hands and fingers from incoming BBs. You can check out our great range of gloves to help protect their hands.

Foam Dart Gun

If you find yourself not swayed by the airsoft lifestyle, you can always try a foam dart gun. We’re sure your loved one would love to share the sport with you! There is a whole range of them on the market that provide hours of fun, not to mention you won’t be left in a single bruise.

We hope this has given you some ideas or at least inspiration on what you can get for those closest in your life that find themselves airsoft obsessed. If you’re still unsure, you can always get in touch with our store for a little more advice!