There are some great airsoft and air gun brands out there, with options for casual shooters and more advanced models for enthusiasts. Over the years, we’ve come across all kinds of air gun brands, ranging from iconic names to some slightly more obscure ones.

Here, we turn our attention to AGT, or Airgun Technology, to find out what they’re all about and to explore some of the most exciting air rifles that you’ll find on the market right now.

About AGT

The Airgun Technology brand is based in the Czech Republic; they distribute their air guns around the world.

They are especially known for the Vulcan, Vixen and Uragan ranges which are popular with people seeking a more high-end rifle.

AGT have also developed a uniquely convenient rifle loading system that allows you to point and reload simultaneously – just one of the things that make them stand out among the crowd.

Are AGT Air Rifles Good?

AGT may not be as well known as some of the bigger names, but they are building a great reputation for themselves and are becoming known for producing air rifles with exceptional quality and some outstanding features.

While AGT guns might not be the cheapest you can find, you’re getting what you pay for – an excellent piece of kit that delivers on power and accuracy.

Popular Air Rifles from AGT

But what are these guns actually like in action? Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting AGT models you can buy right now.

AGT Vixen PCP Air Rifle

First up is the Vixen PCP Air Rifle. This standard model is slightly more compact than its long counterpart, offering a super lightweight option.

The Vixen PCP rifle uses compressed air and a power regulator, offering unwavering shot to shot consistency, ensuring your performance is fueled by accuracy and precision.

The compact design provides great manoeuvrability along with the fully adjustable trigger, allowing you to fine tune your experience.

Some are touting this as one of the best performing air rifles for its price on the current market!

AGT Vixen Long PCP Air Rifle

The Vixen Long PCP Air Rifle has the same excellent features exhibited on the short barrel version.

With a PCP power system, all-weather synthetic AR pistol grip, air pressure regulator and fully adjustable trigger combined in a tactical, lightweight model that provides consistency and accuracy, there’s not much else you could want from an air rifle.

Its barrel length is 400mm, while the above-mentioned option has a standard barrel length of 250mm.

Vixen Long PCP Air Rifle

AGT Uragan Compact Synthetic Stock Rifle

Also among the AGT range is the Uragan Compact Synthetic Stock Rifle. Out of the products we’ve mentioned so far, this is the most expensive; but with a roster of great features, you might not find yourself minding too much.

With a hard wearing synthetic stock, this model will withstand anything you throw at it. Inbuilt baffles reduce muzzle noise, contributing to a pristine performance. This is complemented by a Picatinny sight rail and side lever action that’s changeable from right to left-handed.

Uragan Compact Synthetic Stock Rifle

To find out more about each gun’s exact specifications, see their product descriptions.

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